Respira Labs desarrolla un dispositivo para la detección temprana de enfermedades pulmonares

Colombian-born physician-scientist Dr. María Artunduaga is the CEO of Respira Labs, a Californian company that continues to raise funding for the development of a wearable device to monitor lung health for asthma, COPD and COVID-19 patients. Artunduaga explains the relevance of such development in a world where respiratory diseases are increasing and many patients die because of late treatment or hospitalization, a problem that her device, named Sylvee, seeks to prevent.
Respira Labs has been awarded three patents since it was founded in 2018, and results in trials are expected to be published soon. Currently, there is no device capable of giving patients results about their lung health in real time in order to prevent hospitalization and get better treatment with a high level of accuracy.
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