Colombiana levanta US$2.8 millones en Silicon Valley desarrollando tecnología para enfermedades respiratorias

Respira Labs is gaining more attention from investors as their wearable device promises to monitor lung function and detect respiratory exacerbations for COPD, asthma and COVID-19 patients among other respiratory diseases, preventing hospitalization and enhancing their quality of life.
So far, the company led by Colombian physician and scientist María Artunduaga has been awarded $2.8M to develop Sylvee, the device that allows patients and their doctors to monitor lung function, detect abnormalities and record results from home, decreasing the need for hospitalization.
The announcement made by the company regarding the funding obtained is especially significant as funding for Latino startups is held back in general since 2021. Investors highlight the vision and leadership of Respira Labs in the development of a technology that is innovative as well as necessary in a post-pandemic world.
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